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How It Works !!

PitchRx   is a water-based solution that removes pitch and resin buildup from all woodworking tools and quality cloth-backed sanding belts.  It's formulated to be safe for the user, tools, and the environment.  PitchRx contains NO phosphates or abrasives and is silicone-free, so it does not cause problems in the finishing rooms.  It is non-flammable and fully biodegradable.   



Use PitchRx 

Circular Saw blades cuts rafters on construction site

For Regular Maintenance of Bits and Blades

Maintain the tools you use every day. Remove your bit, blade from the power tool or device before cleaning. Spray PitchRx  on your bits and blades.  Be sure to wet the surface thoroughly giving it time to soak in.  Then rinse off the solution and dry the parts thoroughly. 


For Removing
Burns and Heavy Buildup

Restore blade performance

Prolong overall lifespan

For heavier pitch and resin buildup, pour a small amount of PitchRx  into a container and soak the item for several minutes.  Burned and heavy buildup areas may require a nylon brush to loosen the buildup.  Then rinse and dry the parts thoroughly.  

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For Belts and Drums

Let's face it, quality cloth-back belts are too expensive to use once and toss, especially if you are sanding high resin woods like heart pine.  Preserve the life of your belts with PitchRx . 


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Preserve Quality
Cloth Backed Belts

Remove sanding belts for cleaning.  Spray the belt liberally allowing PitchRx  to soak into any burns or buildup.  Use a nylon brush to remove visible particles as needed.  Rinse and let air dry thoroughly.  Repeat as needed


(Not recommended for paper-backed sanding belts)

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