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Around the Shop Inc. was founded in 2000 to introduce PitchRx  a product made for woodworkers by woodworkers.  

As Woodworkers, we felt woodworkers need for products that make working around the shop easier. 

We believed a product could be developed that wasn't dangerous to use and could easily remove pitch and resin from blades, bits, belts, etc.

That's why we developed PitchRx  -- an amazing product that easily removes pitch, gum, and resin from blades, bits, planer, and jointer knives, carving burrs, shaper and moulding bits, files, and more.  In most cases, just spray PitchRx     on, let it go to work, rinse it off and dry thoroughly! 





Meet Roy!

Roy is the founder of Around the Shop Inc. and creator of PitchRx   bit, blade, and belt cleaner.  Roy is an avid woodworker and past board member of the Woodworkers Guild of Georgia. He has also devoted over 20 years of service as a Scout Leader and Merit Badge Counselor teaching proper techniques to new woodworkers.  


When Roy's not in the shop, you'll likely find him out fly fishing in the North Georgia Mountains, field testing his latest fishing nets handcrafted in the woodshop!

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