Bit, Blade and Belt Cleaner


PitchRx   is a water-based solution that removes pitch and resin buildup from all woodworking tools and cloth-backed sanding belts.  From the first cut to final sanding, pitch builds up and cuts down productivity and performance of bits, blades, sanding belts, and more.  PitchRx ® keeps your cutting surfaces clean for optimal performance.    


PitchRx    is safe for all applications.  It is Biodegradable, Silicone Free, Non-Flammable, Non-Abrasive, and Phosphate Free.




Circular saw teeth on a white background


At Around the Shop, Inc. we know that a clean tool will stay sharp longer, run cooler and increase the life of your cutting tool.  This will also reduce sharpening and replacement costs. Pitch and resin build-up, even in small amounts, will heat cutting tools and cause sloppy cuts. Use PitchRx   to maintain peak performance of all your cutting tools.